About us



Puglia remains Italy’s most well-kept secret. Located in the heel of the boot, this southern region is rich in ancient history, native culture, and vivid scenery. However, it is its food that has been world-renowned.
Behind Puglia’s 60 million olive trees and acres of beautiful and fertile landscape, lies the key to unleashing Italy’s most delightful flavors. Its weather conditions and geographic location along the Adriatic Sea, play a vital role in the cultivation of its local and sustainable ingredients, fundamental to its highly acclaimed culinary legacy. La Cucina Pugliese is characterized by its simplicity. Its products are local, fresh, and highly nutritious.
The name Anatomico remains genuine to the Italian roots. Anatomization is defined as the dissection of an object to understand it. By dissecting our infused products and finding their underlying organic structures, you will come to understand the benefits they bring to our health. Anatomico is heritage-inspired while remaining very bold and modern in the pursuit to promote a healthy substantial life. 
We believe in promoting premium organic products that stand out for their nutritional benefits while preserving the Italian culinary tradition. We want to spread awareness by blending the values of our heritage with sustainable eating habits. Eating should always be a pleasant experience; therefore, we believe taste can remain delicious without the need to compromise neither quality nor health. We focus on delivering exceptional flavor to assure our body’s wellness through our ingredients and methods.
“With Anatomico, we convey a vision of life in which we value tradition and celebrate innovation. Although we challenge the principles of traditional cuisine, we are faithful to the flavors that represent our origins ”